How To Use Quora To Drive Traffic For Free

People are always using the internet for various reasons and one being to get information. There are so many sites where people can get information and one of the most educative websites Quora.

This is an intellectual Q&A forum where you get noticed by the depth of your answer and how knowledgeable you are about the topic being handled. Its estimated that over 300 million people use Quora on a monthly basis.

Quora remains a reliable source of information despite the numerous answers by the members by using algorithm to feature the most credible answers in which the members have voted for. They also have strict policies that ensures that members do not spam the site with affiliate links and answers

As a brand looking for followers, you should consider using Quora to drive traffic to either your website or social media pages. This can directly increase the sales thus making it a site you should ignore.

Below are some of the ways on how to use Quora to drive traffic;

1. Quora account

Sign up for Quora account and while setting up your profile, its important to include all the details about yourself or the business. Include your bio and add an interesting but factual description of yourself. Include your

2. Select the Topics to follow

Select the topics that closely relate to your content. The questions relating to these topics will appear on your homepage feed and you can easily select the ones you want to answer.

3. Create a landing page

This can be an article on your website or a post in any of your social media accounts. Ensure that the content is relevant to the answer and also interesting. This may trigger the interest of the readers who might follow you or sign up for your newsletters.

4. Search for questions to answer

You can search through Qoura search bar or you can click on ‘Questions for You’. This feature allows you to see the recently asked questions that are relevant to your field of interest. Remember people are always searching for questions that have been answered so don’t always ignore all questions that are not as recent. Quora can provide long term source of followers even when you answered the question months ago.

5. Make your answer stand out

When everybody else is using a wall of words, you can set yourself apart by including an interesting photo, highlighting different point by either using bold or italic fonts but also don’t make it too long.

6. Controversial thoughts

By doing so, you are creating attention to yourself and stirring up peoples minds. You can use this to lead people to your blog where you have a supporting article. This needs to be crafted well so that you don’t end up looking like you don’t know what you are talking about.

7. You can get noticed by major publications

Quora is used by so many high profile people and some publications sometimes search for certain information and can use the information you have posted in Quora. You however need to be authentic and give verifiable information

The potential of getting followers in Quora is immense but needs you to be consistent and patient and with time you can get noticed as an authority in your particular field.

Its important to note that Quora is moderated and you can get banned if noted that you are using irrelevant links or answers. Other members can also report copied answers as spam.

Stay respectful to other users and don’t down vote other answers maliciously to give a boost to your answers.

Ryan Wetherby

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