How To Rank Your Youtube Video On The First Page Of Google

With the online marketing trend, businesses are using innovative ways to make their brands visible. One of the avenues is through Youtube where you upload videos with details about your brand and products.

This forum can is being used to educate, sensitize and create awareness about your business. It has great potential of your content going viral on the internet.

YouTube is the major online video platform, the second largest search engine and third most visited website in the world. This is a platform as a brand you can’t afford to ignore.

It goes beyond having a YouTube account and making a video. You need to have views and subscribers to actually feel the effect of YouTube marketing.

Sharing on social media accounts and having the video links on your website will boost the viewership of your content. However, having your video visible on the first page of google will ensure more traffic especially to even people who did not search for your content.

Now lets see How to rank your YouTube video on the first page of Google;

1. Create a High viewer Retention video

On of the most effortless ways to ensure your video is highly ranked, is to have a video that will keep people watching.

Ensure that when creating the video, you keep your audience hooked so they watch through to the end. People enjoy more watching a direct to the point content. Ensure that ensure that you let the audience know what to gain or expect from watching your video from the word go and make sure you deliver that.

2. Build a keyword list for on page optimization

Like its mother company Google, YouTube uses Keyword search. To optimize your video; Go to AdWord tool and key in what you have for the title of your video, a list of keywords related to your brand will come up.

Combine these keywords to create a title of your video that actually make sense. In the description segment, Include all the key words in a creative way to avoid it looking like spam.

3. Use Backlinks/Off page Optimization This involves action taken outside your website.

If you have great content, other reputable sources on the internet will most likely link it up as reference which gives your video credibility. This effectively improves the perception of other users on the quality of your content.

There are natural links that are acquired without you influencing any action. It could be through people sharing your video link as a source of information.

You can also use manually built links which can be through getting your followers to link your video or asking influential sources to share your content. YouTube uses algorithm to detect how important the video is rated to increase the ranking.

5. Get subscribers

At the end of the video, encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that they can be notified when new videos are out.

The more the subscribers you have, the better your ranking on YouTube since it send a signal that you have great content that people want to follow.

4. Encourage your viewers to leave a comment

YouTube analyzes action on audience interaction as one of the signals in its algorithm to help with the ranking.

So, the more the comments, the more YouTube gets the message that people are enjoying your content. This will boost your video and in the end promote your content.

6. Keep Linking

Share your YouTube video links on other platforms. You can share some information and request the audience to click on the link for more information. This creates traffic on your channel increasing the ranking.

Finally, take time to create great content that people can watch, share and even come back to watch some more. Be creative, interesting but don’t forget to maintain a positive image that reflects well on your brand.

Ryan Wetherby

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