6 Best Backlinks and How to Easily Obtain Them

Every website and blog wants traffic from their primary audience. And this is achievable through backlinks which are important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. That said, however, not all backlinks are good for your website for instead of boosting its rankings, they have lesser value, making your site unworthy of top spot on Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs).

What Are Backlinks?

These are generally links that come into your website from external sources, that is other websites and webpages. They give your website SEO value depending on where they’re coming from. Backlinks from reliable and high quality websites for example, will attract search engines’ attention that your site is worthy. You’ll get highly ranked as a result.

Granted, your aim should be to get quality backlinks, like the “do follow links” which communicates to search engines that your site is an authority, getting a higher SEO value as a result. Also, when your backlinks appear inside content of quality websites rather than on sidebars for example, your website will be in a position to get highly ranked by search engines.

Let’s look at what are the best type of backlinks and how to easily obtain them. The folowing are valuable backlinks and how to obtain them:

1. Backlinks from guest blogging

Guest blogging is quite popular in getting your brand name out on popular sites with the same niche as you. Whenever you guest blog, include a back link to your website. Those who read and are taken with your post will most likely visit your site for more.

If you’re not sure how to approach bloggers then I recommend getting yourself a good blogging course that will show you the best way to approach bloggers.

When you do this, not only will you get more bloggers saying yes, but you’ll be able to guest post on higher authority blogs which will make the backlinks even more beneficial which will lead to better rankings.

2. Link internally

This is an amazing way of boosting the navigation of your blog. Visitors to your site are sure to remain for long clicking on links with relevant content.

3. Back links on comments

You may find yourself reading content on your niche. And if it genuinely touches you, make sure you leave a comment. At the end, it’s permissible to include a link to your blog or website. This is one way of driving traffic back to your site as other readers might want to check your site out.

4.Media backlinks

Whenever your company is launching something new, inviting the media is a sure-fire way of generating publicity. A press release with a link to your website will ensure your brand on websites of media houses. These large corporations will give you a wider audience, some who might be very interested to check out your site. Additionally, whatever stories they publish will get readers linking to your site. Make sure you have something interesting for media consumers before approaching a PR firm with your press release.

5.Business websites backlinks

Assuming you have helped a company or business create a blog or website, or a social media account, create a back link to your own website. Every visitor will see the link and some may follow it to your own website.

6. Editors’ mention backlinks

You may find out that quality content from your website has attracted the attention of editors of quality websites. They will mention your website or best still link to a page on your site with relevant content. This will surely drive traffic to your site by boosting your SEO ranking. Granted you need to write quality and relevant content which answers or provide information to your audience.

In conclusion, not all backlinks are good. Those from websites with quality content are the ones which will boost your sites popularity and rankings.

Ryan Wetherby

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