14 Ways To Get More Likes For Your Facebook Fan Page

In the age of technology, being visible on social media greatly affects how people view your business or brand and this reflects on your revenue.

Of the many social media sites, Facebook is one of the most influential sites with 1.32 billion daily active users making it a great market place for your products and and having enough following is a great strategy.

Assuming you already have a great Facebook page, here are some of the ways on how to get more likes for your Facebook fan page.

1. Invite existing existing contacts to like your page

The easiest ways to get followers on your page is by inviting people from your friend list to like your page. By simply using the Invite option , you are able to click on the names of your the people in your Facebook friend list to like the page.

2. Use Facebook Ads

You can boost your fan page using the Facebook ad option to get more followers. The good thing about this option,you are able to edit the demographic of the followers you would like in your page.

3. Promote your page on other social platforms

You can do this by simply creating a lead post where people have to click on your Facebook link to follow the conversation.

4. Link your Facebook with your website

If you have an active website, Create a link that directs people directly to your page.

5. Create interesting conversations

You have to be exciting otherwise people will scroll past your post. Interesting content can make your followers tag their friends who can also follow your page.

6. Balance your content

You can either post educational, motivational, promotional and other content. People visit your page for different reasons.

7. Optimize your page

In your About and Title section, use keywords that are relevant to the industry that you are in. This will create traffic to your page adding more followers.

8. Use offline means to get followers

Ensure that your Facebook page is always included in all publicity materials such as fliers, banners, billboards and even business cards.

9. Make you page visually attractive

You can do this by creating colorful photo albums and also having personalized logos and memes with the brand you want to sell.

10. Be visible in other pages in your niche

Visit other pages and leave a comment as a page not using your personal profile. This can create attention to your page which people will be interested to follow you.

11. Create an industry related group

Let’s say you are in food and beverage industry, create a page about cooking. This will attract people to join the group and you can use the platform to market your page and the products or services you are selling. This also helps you get ideas from other players in the industry.

12. Interact with your followers

You can post great content and have a very attractive page but if comments and reviews go unanswered, this can make potential followers feel not interested to follow your page.

13. Create a contest

If there is one thing that can attract more followers so fast on Your page, it has to be a great contest.. This can involve a gift for a fan picked randomly or the one with a comment with most like. You can ask them to share your page or tag their friend for them to participate.

14. Be educational

Let the followers learn about your products one bit after the other. Let is be easy to process tips and with verifiable sources.

Whatever means you will choose to gain the followers, just know it’s also very important to keep the ones you already have by being professional, interesting and remember to remain ethical.

Ryan Wetherby

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